Women’s Health

General Check / NCT
We can offer a medical check to suit any concerns or worries you might have.
Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

Cervical Cancer Screening
Smear Tests are available free for eligible women between the ages of 25 and 60. To register for your free smear test please ring Cervical Check on 1800 45 45 55 or register online at www.cervicalcheck.ie . We also offer private smear tests for any women outside the above criteria.

Gardasil Vaccination
A course of 3 vaccinations over 6 months is recommended for girls / women aged between 9 and 26 to prevent Cervical Cancer and HPV infections.

Breast Cancer
Breat Cancer Information

Skin Cancer
It is hard to imagine but about 100 people die from melanoma in Ireland every year. Typical Irish skin is very susceptible to sunburn and EV damage but anyone can get skin cancer. Always use Factor 50 UV block and look up www.cancer.ie , ‘Sunsmart’, for good advice. If you have any moles/freckles which bleed, itch, change shape or grow rapidly book into see one of us for a mole check urgently.

Psychosexual Advice

Pregnancy Testing

Menopause Advice

Incontinence Advice

STD Screening
We provide a confidential screening service for all major sexually transmitted infections.
Recommended screening examinations

Family Planning
All doctors can provide contraception advice and prescriptions for The Pill and Depo-provera.
We also provide the Morning After Pill.

Maternity Care / Post Natal Care
We are part of the HSE’s Combined Care Scheme which entitles women to ante-natal visits and post natal visits to check their health and their baby’s at our surgery.
Care is shared between the GP and the maternity hospital of choice.

Mental Health
It is normal to feel down sometimes. If you feel down or depressed everyday, for a few weeks or more, it is a good idea to talk with someone. Other signs that you may be stressed are poor sleep, poor memory and concentration. It is much better to engage with these things early and most mood problems can be sorted out with talking therapies. We will not just put you on tablets. There are other ways to make sure that your mental health is good. Websites such as www.headstrong.ie are especially designed for young people with mental health worries including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia and other phobias. Great advice is also available through www.llttf.co.uk, www.aware.ieand other websites. Talking always helps in these situations and our door is always open to you for advice. We will not ever judge you and everything is totally confidential.

Sports Medicine and Sports Injuries
Whether you are on the county panel or playing for your local team, you may occasionally get injuries that just will not settle down. We recommend a review and can arrange appropriate investigations and treatment and can refer on to sport specialists and physiotherapists if necessary.

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations
If you are planning an overseas trip to anywhere hot, tropical, exciting or slightly dangerous you will almost certainly need vaccine jabs. Some vaccinations require months to kick in and others need boosters before you leave so get in touch as soon as you book your flights to ensure everything can be arranged for you in a timely fashion. Many countries require proof of vaccination at Customs and people are routinely denied entry into countries on this basis. Malaria is another unpleasant and life-threatening disease that you will want to avoid if you are going to the Tropics, even for a short trip. Preventative medicine can be prescribed by any of the doctors.

Acne and Skin Problems
Acne and most skin conditions respond well to treatments. Acne in particular is a common and very treatable skin problem. Lots of your friends may already be using prescribed gels and creams with great results. Even the most difficult acne will normally respond to one of the available medicines within a few months so if your spots are bothering you, why not book an appointment and we can get you started on treatment if you need it.

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