Make an Appointment
Contact us by phone to make an appointment.
Cabra: 01 830 0116

Contact a Doctor or Nurse
If you need to speak to a doctor or nurse then please leave your name and number with reception and a doctor or nurse will contact you asap.

Contact a Doctor out of hours
A D-Doc service is available from 6pm – 8am and at week-ends all day. You will be able to speak to a nurse who can help you decide on what is the best way to proceed. They can offer phone advice, an out of hours clinic visit, a house call or an ambulance to transfer you to the hospital.
D-Doc: 1850 22 44 77

If there is an emergency please ring our surgery and directions will be given.
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House Calls
House visits are generally done after surgery hours and in emergency situations. Please contact the surgery as early as possible if you feel a house call is needed.

Order a repeat prescription / Request an illness certificate

Please try to give a minimum 48 hours prior notice for us to fill out your repeat prescription. Our practice policy is to check a patient’s file and review their case each time we do a prescription and this takes some time. We may leave a message for you to call for a review visit or to have some blood tests done if required.

Order a Blood Test
You will need to discuss with the Doctor / Nurse.
Contact us by phone to make an appointment.

Test Results and X-rays
Test Resuls may take up to 2 weeks to come back. Please check with secretary to see if the results are back. You may be asked to attend the Doctor / Nurse to discuss same.

How to organise a referral to a specialist
In Ireland access to a specialist is generally through a GP. Our advice is to discuss your problems with one of us and we will advise if a specialist referral is likely to help and if so who would be best for your particular circumstances.

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