We have provided a number of relevant forms in PDF format for you to download and fill out. You will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to View/Print these documents. Where possible, we have also provided links to online application forms. The forms listed below are sourced from the various organisation websites. However, should you have any queries, we have provided links to the originating websites (where possible) to assist in filling out these forms.

• Medical Expenses 
Reclaiming Medical Expenses: Med 1 Form | Online Application

• Medical Card
Note: This is an online application which is much faster than the paper based one.
A medical card can be issued within 15 days using the online application rather
than the 8-12 weeks by making a paper application.

MC1_Medical Card | Download Form (PDF, 116kb)

MC2_MedicalCard_Over 70s | Download Form (PDF, 24kb)

• Maternity Benefit
MB10_Maternity Benefit | Download Form (PDF, 132kb)

• European Health Insurance
EHIC_Application | Download Form (PDF, 25kb)

• Change of Doctor
NEHB_Change Doctor | Download Form (PDF, 48kb)

Driver Licensing Medical Report
D501_Medical Report_Driver Licensing | Download Form (PDF, 36kb)

• Drugs Payment Scheme
Drugs_Payment_Scheme | Download Form (PDF, 468kb)


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