Revised Fees May 2016
Credit/debit cards accepted




General ConsultationNo Charge €50
Nurse / Student: Reduced feeNo Charge €40
Additional Family MemberNo Charge€30
Follow-up (within 2 weeks of 1st)No Charge€40
Blood Test (done in surgery)€25€25
Blood test (done in hospital)no chargeno charge
24Hr BP Monitorno charge€70
Driving -1 Form ONLY€25€50
Driving - 2 Forms€45€55
Implanonno charge€100
ECGno charge€50
Fitness to Travel Certification€25€45
House Callno charge€65
Injectionno charge€25
Joint Injection€40€70
Letters / Completion of Forms€10€15
Medico / Legal Report / Wills€280€280
Note for Work€10€15
Pre-employment medical€85€85
Pregnancy Test€10€10
Prescription without consultno charge€25
Smear Test€65€80
STI Screen€80€80
Mirena - 1st Consultationno charge€55
Mirena - 2nd Consultation + insertionno charge€140
Mirena - Removalno charge€75


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